Saturday, October 06, 2007

Useful information from talk (part#1)

First of all, I want to say sorry for this late posting… I failed to connect online because my modem (Johnny) gone “short short” (crazy). For the first time my modem flashing it’s LED happily changing here and there. I think it means that “finally I can get myself out of this ‘tut’er’s hand.” My modem passed away this afternoon and gave birth to a new black colored, cool looking modem (Orlando). As a result, my connection works perfectly.

Last Thursday, my uncle (the 7th) wants me to go for a talk, organized by Public Mutual at Tropicana an night 7pm. It is a motivational talk in mandarin. There are 3 speakers. The first two are Public mutual successful agents that talk about how they become more successful since they join Public Mutual. The third one, is an experienced professional speaker, is the one that catch my attention through out the whole talk. He talked about “the key points to success in your career”. Now I am going to put some notes here.

There are 3 main key points to be success in your career:

*before you look at these key points, take a deep breath to calm down your mind.

  1. What do you want? – To be exact, what do you want to achieve in future? What is your life goal?
  2. What are you doing now? – After knowing what you want, you’ll need to look at what are you doing now. Will it lead you to your life goal? *This will create awareness to you if you’re not on the right path.
  3. Do you believe in what are you doing? - If your answer for question 2 is yes, you’ll need to look at this question. You’ll need to think about what you’re doing now, will it 100% lead you to your life goal or there are still spaces to be fill in or improve.

I enjoyed the talk a lot that he told one fumy joke:


A child feel bored in home. The father noticed that and volunteered to buy new toy for him.


Father asked, what do you want?


I want a parrot; I want to teach it to talk.


The father bought him a parrot, he start to teach the parrot to talk. Every time he pull the left parrot leg, he’ll say “have you had your meal?”

他一直拉它左脚, 它就说:“你吃饱了没?”

Every time he pulls its left leg, the parrot will say “have you had your meal?”

弟弟很感兴趣,乘哥哥不在家是就一直拉它左脚, 它就说:“你吃饱了没?你吃饱了没?”

The younger brother interested to play as well. When the brother is out, he go pull the parrot’s left leg for many times and it keep on saying “have you had your meal? have you had your meal?”


He felt boring and want to teach it to speak other things.


Every time he pull the right leg he’ll say “are you free?”

他一直拉它右脚, 它就说:“你得空吗?你得空吗?”

Every time he pulls its left leg, the parrot will say “are you free?”

小妹妹也很感兴趣,乘两个哥哥不在家是就一直拉它左脚再拉右脚, 它就说:“你吃饱了没?你得空吗?你吃饱了没?你得空吗?”

The younger sister also felt interested to play. When both brothers not around, she pull left leg then pull the right leg. The parrot response with “have you had your meal? are you free?”


Suddenly she think “if I pull both legs, what will it say?”

于是,她就两只一齐拉。鹦鹉差点跌到, 就喊了一句:“你吃饱太得空是吗?”

Then, she pull both leg together, and the parrot shout at her “eat too full got nothing to do ar?”


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Finally, my assignment group able to do our presentation that we have been rehearsal for so many times. I was so… nervous that I keep on drinking water when the group before mine doing their presenting their slides. Then I think everyone that got eyes can see I keep on cover my mouth with the point form I made for this presentation. Thanks to god that I didn’t feel sick. I always feel sick before I do my presentation. I always got this problem you know, I know really well that I can do well after I start with my first sentence. Not magnificently well but at least I can talk out loud after the first sentence la! Anyway, mina!(everybody!) Gogorosan! (welldone! *I think…)

I really enjoy our party at Mc Donald after the class. Having Huge Coke, French fries, Burgers while talking about our presentation; gossiping about others; and also planning to go here and there, eat here and there (that make me exciting!!!).

This is what I really enjoy in college. Lets have more this kind of gathering, I will happy until fly up (gou heng dou fei hei).

I can’t remember since when, I start to have problem in sleeping. Everytime when I go to bed, I’ll have to struggle for atleast 30 minutes to get myself sleep. Furthermore, it won’t be stable. What I mean is, almost every night, I’ll dream. I heard from someone that, if I dream, means my mind still working, it will not rest until I stop dreaming. So, any expert out there, please tell me what to do… got any idea? Leave me a comment.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moving into New Hostel...

HI~~~ ABbody!!!

When you see this title you might think that never heard that i stayed in hostel. Well... DATSU RITE DESU~~~ It's not me that move to new hostel; my course mate Esther Hii just move to new hostel recently. Last friday, in a talk by BDO organized by Dr. Yap, Esther asked me to help her in moving into the new hostel. As a men + big size, I was so happy that finally my presence is useful to my course mate. Without thinking, i say i willing to help. Thanks to Esther, it makes my ordinary friday become 'special', further reading will tell you what so special.

After the presentation rehearsal with my group, I took HELP bus to Main campus and walk my way to the new campus. It is still ordinary that i help to move things from PeiSan's car to Esther's room. I met 'Fong' (sorry if i spell wrongly), another guy that help out in the moving. everything are still normal until we go to the old hostel for the 2nd round moving.

In this second round, we are going to move Esther's small fridge, Books and Clothings to the new hostel. Fong was lifting the whole box of books onto the car, he felt that the bottom (of the box) is going to open and the books will fall out. Without further waiting, he immediately sit and lie down in the car and the whole box of books are press on his chest. While laughing, Esther ask me(laughing too) to help him. Finally he managed to come out on his own. (too bad i forgotten to record as video, it will be more funny if you people can see the whole process)

When i was putting two bags of clothings to the back of the car, a bird shoot a white colored "paint ball" to me and it hit on my hand. I shout out. Esther looked back and asked :"Since when you got ice cream on your hand?" hahahahaha... luckily the "paint ball" is only white color and no brown, or green. if not, i swear i will make the bird extinct.

Thats all... thanks to Esther for making my friday special.

Here come my next Philosophy:

"Be 'HIGH' all the time, you happy, others will be happy as well."

I can still remember that my first time went for AIESEC LLDS, one night we have something like debate thingy, the discussion question was about clone. I chosen to sit at agree and i was alone there. My argument for that is, I believe that my existence always bring happyness to people around me. If they make a clone out of me, I'll be able to double fold the happyness among my friends. I always keep this thought in my mind, it makes me HIGH (naturally) everyday & say HI to everybody energetically. Somehow, it keeps me away from getting old. bwahahahahahahahaha

Friday, August 04, 2006

Another Happy Day In College!!!!!!!!!

Another college day that i will never forget.

I have Domino Pizza in the party. oh!! is Domino Pizzasssssss. hahahahahahahaha...

We are supposed to do the party and Mr. Raj and Ms. Marilyn supposed to join us. However, they just got their labtop and they have to go for 'class' to learn Power point thingy (i think), because they're expected to use power point in lecturing after this. Too bad.... Soooooo sad... they cant join us.

*but thanks to them i can eat more Pizza.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

I still amazed by the scene where we arrange those pizzasssssssssss on the table. 11 pizzasssssssssss is non vegetarian and 1 pizza is vegetarian (specially for Mr. Raj). This is the first time in my life i see this precious scene and i'll never forget it. (want to have a look, go to my multiply and hav a look at my photo album:

But still there are leftovers that we have to force ourselves to finish it by playing games. the loser will need to eat. hahahaha... playing 'chor big D' and another TLC game... i dunno how to call the game la.

well... i like the party very much... i think we should do it every semester. hahaha.... i shall name it..... hmm..... 'Our Day'

message to my coursemate : pls feel free to go download the pictures you need at

before i end, a short message for KTM komuter user:

before you go in to the particular komuter, pls wait till the people come out first. in case you don't know, there is a driver in every komuter; komuter are not like LRT where is controlled by computer; there are driver in komuter and they can control the door to open or close it; they will close the door only when there are no other ppl left outside, or the komuter is too pack. so... pls be patient to wait until ppl come out from komuter before go in.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

this is wat happened on friday, saturday, sunday and monday...and a little short message

on friday...

the most scary day within this few weeks. the HR presentation that i worried the most came to me; and my group is the first group to present on that day... summor, Ruchi's group and Professor's Group already set the standard (damn you!!! nolar...) and still, my group will do the most traditional type of presentation - show the slide and present - without acting and watever... but, in my group's Q n'A session, Something Horrible, Terrible and Vegetable (xiao hai bu ben 1) happened. Due to the reason i didn't do enough research, i failed to answer the questions. I'm such a failure...

OH!!! i forgottened something. i'll press "<<" to rewind. <<< ... <<< ... <<< ... <<< ... <<< ... "STOP", "Play"

... well, the presentation went well... then Mr Raj came out with a 'Excellent' idea: "all groups to finish the presentations and the Q n' A session we will do it during the second class". However, the presentations go really fast after Zin Mun's presentation ended, we still got times and Ruchi request to start the Q n' A session and Mr Raj agree with it so we start the Q n' A session.

Zin Mun's group done really well preparation, they manage to answer every questions and i admired them for that (same to sheng chui and Ruchi). but, in my group's Q n' A session, Something Horrible, Terrible and Vegetable (xiao hai bu ben 1) happened. Due to the reason i didn't do enough research, i failed to answer the questions. I'm such a failure... at the moment, there are some students suddenly appear in front of our class and Mr. Raj found that they will have class there so we have to change venue; but Mr Raj can't find any class.


during the break, happy thing happened. Yeejoo ask me and jiawang they all whether want to join them for lunch. we said 'ok' then we take HELP bus to main block to the Pizza Hut. however, when we reached there, pizza hut not yet open, so we changed to secret recipe. this is the happiest school day in my UEL first semester; this is because most of the classmates were there. i was damn happy and another happy thing is we aew celebrating Yimei's, Angelyn(not sure about the spelling) and Claire's birthday. wow... this suddenly reminded me my secondary school life... so.....................................................................................................................sweet.

right after the break, we go back for class and we are late (sorry!!! mr Raj). they already start LKK's group Q n'A. their group also manage to answer well. and after them, come back to my group's Q n' A again. we continue suffering for another 1 hours and finally it ended.

well... now is for my first short message: TO JIA WANG, CHUN KIT, WONG HON AND LEONG CHUAN!!!!!! i would like to say sorry because i didn't prepare well in preparing the presentation. another thing is, thanks for not scolding me X-(

after classes, Wong hon, Christine, Yee Joo and me went to Mid Valley to watch movie. "An American Haunting". by the way, Zin mun and Can Yun were there too. well... i'm the only one who found that the movie is nice... rite... you're rite... i'm ALIEN!!! after that, we go shop abit and after that i went home. i blame myself because i didnt bring camera... (DAMN YOU LIP SIN!!!!!!!!!!)

at the night, me and my sister went back to perlis by bus...


i dunno what happened. maybe i was too tired and i actually slept on the bus and wake up at 4 a.m. because it was too cold. i ask the bus driver to drop us under the fly-over(because it was raining) after we walk in to the best house with the best furniture, best living room, best bed room, washroom, bathroom, kitchen, reading room, office etc. we chat with my mom until my sis go for a sleep at nearly 6++ and my mom as well, went back to her dreamland and i switch on the tv watching cartoon, chinese opera etc. right at 7.30, i called my best friend Fukai to come take me out for breakfast. we first go jiawang's house, then together walk to 'Ah Pek' mee stall to have mee; oh!!! Fung Yih joined us as well... after eating, we decided to go play badminton. we walked to their primary school and we start our game with one more member - Hock Seng. we play... and Play... and Play...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>then Fukai and Gie Xao went to my house and we chat.... and chat... and chat...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>after that Hock Seng came in and join us and we continuing chat... and chat... and chat...>>>>>>>>>>>until all of them went back. left me alone lonely(here come the sad music).


nothing special happened. i came back to KL. lets fast forward.
press "l>>"


today is MYOB test. well... it was not that hard in the first glance, i manage to finish most of it within 30 minutes. however, i done some stupid mistakes. first, i click a wrong account. the cheque account is above cash drawer. the transaction, i suppose to choose the cheque account and how stupid am i, i click the cash drawer and i found it after i print it. another thing is, we are doing account for one month but the depreciation i key in is for the whole year. sigh... i hope there are no more other mistakes...

Short message...

for those who concern...

your body is belong to you. what i mean is that, you'll have to be responsible to your own health... although malaysia's weather is warm but still it always rain. furthermore, you are not that tough... so pls wear atleast t-shirt... i understand it is hot but still i wear shirt everyday... so... another thing is, if you're required to take some health products or something else, pls do it without being remind by other people. so... pls consider what i written...

here comes another short message...

everyone have their own lifestyle. if you're required to stay together with other ppl for example together with coursemates or siblings etc. pls learn how to tolerate. if you dunno how to do so, pls learn it before you really go study somewhere else that you really need to share a appartment with other ppl... this is important too... so... consider what i've written

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The WORST week of theYEAR~~~

last week was the WORST week of the year. you know why? i'll tell you why. i got 2 assignments due on thursday and friday, and i have a Piano practical exam on friday. Me, Saw lip sin, never plan my time and i'll only do something when i really feel i want to do. however, i have to force myself to practice. it was killing me!!!!!!

My list of Worst thing happened last week:
  • i have to force myself not to play online games while using PC and to force myself to focus on my assignments.
  • i have to practice piano while i need to spend some times to do my assignments.
  • one of my assignment due on friday and on that day , i have to go for Piano exam.
  • finally i finish my assignments and piano exam, i sick.
  • the i sick, i headache for whole night and i wake up every 2 hours and finally i stop my attemt to sleep at 4++a.m.

this is the first time i hate sick. here are some reason:

  • i have fever, flu, cough, and sore throat all together at once.
  • it happened on week end.
  • and it end up too fast.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

hi again hehe~~

since i written my 2nd post, i found that its sooooooooo hard to write this continuously. if you know me well, you'll know that i'm not the 'keep a journal' type. i tried many times practicing writing journal, and i failed to keep writing it. day by day, my journal will start to become shorter and shorter. well if you read my first few post, you'll know or even guess that "this guy is not good in writing journal". for me, i think that its kinda boring. BUDDHA~~~ pls show me a bright way to make my blog more interesting, so that everybody will come and read it!!!

today, is mother's day. MA~~MA~~I LOVE YOU~~~(spice girl's song) hehe...
tell ya'll a nice things me and my siblings done. hehe... we created a website. a 'one page only' website, mother'days website. for those who don't know, i learned about creating website in my foundation semester 3. so i can create a simple website. thanks to my friend, Jia Wang(single), who teach me about geocities, i upload it onto the free server. so that i can let my mom see it. hehe~~~~ i just sent the address for my mom. i hope she'll like it. the website is like this, a carnation picture as background, there are my family picture, and a mother's day poem. oh... and some funny mother's day animated gif. . cant wait till she see it.

my mum just answered. SHE LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Philosophy Number 4~
"instead of sending your friends fancy fancy messages, it is better to send your friends chatting messages to your friend"
i am the kind that cannot live without friends. i always hope that ppl will sms chatting with me. (i seldom chat online because when i on the PC, i'll start think of game.) i cant concentrate on chatting and i'll end up with regreting didnt reply my frens messages or when i reply, they already log off. sob... now, talk about cellphones. well, i come far away from perlis, study in KL. i kinda miss my secondary frenzzz. but most of the time, i found their messages, out of 100 messages, 60 of them will make me dissapointed because they'll send me fancy fancy things about friendship... etc... etc... I KNOW!!! OUR FRIENDSHIP WILL CONTINUE UNTIL WE DIE, AND I'M SURE OF IT.these fancy messages have their effects that will make your relationship with your friends become better. but sometimes, i'll feel lonely. i'll always want to see messages that care about me, ask more about me, you know, messages like : long time no see, how are you?; how's your study; found any girlfriend?; etc etc... i want somebody to share his or her problem with me, or even volunteer to share my problem...
well... me my self was wrong also. sometimes i need to send messages to ppl too. i cant just keep on waiting (or i'll just end up die of loneliness).
*for those who still waiting, i advise you to send messages to your friends.
*for those who sent fancy fancy messages, try send chatting messages, this will make your relationship even better than sending fancy fancy messages.